Welcome to The Lewis Family Encyclopedia

This website is an encyclopedia about everything related to James K Lewis, his children and their families.

This is an ambitious project, I'm sure, but one that involves each and every one of you. I thought that it might be fun and educational to start an "encyclopedia" about our family. Each of you are receiving this e-mail because you are all related to me. I would like you all to write an article about yourselves and place it in this website.

I was on the website which is a web-based, user-edited website. I noticed that a person could start their own encyclopedia there. That's when it occurred to me that it would be great to start one about my family. I had also been talking with my daughter, Bethany, about passing on family stories to our future generations. This would be an excellent modern way to do that for the whole family.

One of the neat things about the Wiki sites is that someone could edit any article on the site. So, for instance, if there is something that somebody remembers about you, they could insert it into your article.

Also, the articles don't necessarily have to be a biography about you, it could be articles on such things as family dishes. For instance, when I was growing up, Mom (Barb Lewis) would make pasty's for us. An article could be written about Pasty's and our favorite receipes for them, etc. The articles could be about family events, likes, dislikes, or whatever else you can think related to our / your family. I also think this would help far-flung members of our family keep up on what's going on in our lives.

Latest activityEdit

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