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Date of BirthEdit




  • Personal: None
  • Family: Bandit


Kindergarten to 6th GradeEdit

Middle School 7th & 8th GradesEdit

High SchoolEdit



One thing that I remember about Bethany is the day that she ate dirt. It was the day of her Aunt Debbie's wedding and I was testing out the video camera because I was supposed to videotape the wedding. I happened to choose Bethany as a test subject. Bethany was approximately 14 months old and was watching TV. While I was taping her (yes, tape), Bethany looked over at her mother's plant next to the couch that Bethany was sitting on. Well, Bethany reached right over into the plant dirt, looked at it and then proceeded to start putting it in her mouth. I still have the video proof of that event.

-- James K Lewis

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